So I guess you’ve wandered this way to find out more about me and likely, why I’m writing about the relatively inane happenings in my life.

I mean, am I really so special that I deserve a blog? Well, according to the all-knowing reference of Wikipedia, there are an estimated 156 million blogs in existence. So, if 155,999,999 other people have one, then shucks, I might as well, too.

Things about me that are relevant to this, a blog about food, life, and Denver:

Well, this is me.

I have a calendar-girl of a cat, who is named Gemma and is my baby.

I love to cook, eat, dance, yoga (as a verb?), climb, be with friends, shop, and read. Check out my blog roll if you’re looking for some good bloggy reads!

Crow Pose

Booze and Broads, a 5.9 trad climb at Lost Wall, GA.

Jumping out of a plane somewhere over Waverly, Tennessee.

My Mother's Day brunch: shaved asparagus salad with parm and pinenuts, fresh mixed fruit, and a tomato goat cheese tart with Dijon and basil.

I moved from Nashville to Denver in the Fall of 2011, and have since been recording my experiences, adventures, and food in this, the Mile High City. There are a few highlights from the past couple of months, like running my first half marathon, spending my first day on the slopes, touching a glacier, and carrying a couch all by myself.

If you want to ask me anything (I mean it!), fill out the form below. I’ll get back to you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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