Happy Friday!

One of my fave bloggers, Peanut Butter Fingers, runs a series every Friday where she features a few of the things that she loves in the moment. I woke up feeling chipper on this warm, summer-y morning and thought maybe now would be a good time to heap praise on the things that are most exciting ME as we head into the weekend.

1) Raw Tortillas

I bought a pack of these raw tortillas at Costco at the urging of my good friend Emily, and I am so glad I did. They are one of the best things to happen to my kitchen! They cook in a skillet in just a few seconds and are equally good served with some homemade pork as they are fried up in a quesadilla. The difference between store-bought ready-made tortillas and these is alarming – definitely pick some up and give them a whirl if you’re interested in changing your life.

2) Blood Orange Margaritas

Last night for Cinco de Mayo, we visited our favorite local bar, NOLA Voodoo Tavern, for a Colorado Youth at Risk fundraiser. On the menu were the most amazing margaritas from Ruben Cerda, who will begin selling his famous blood orange margarita mix in local Whole Foods locations soon. If you come across some, pick it up! Unlike most margarita mixes, this one was tart, not sweet, and made for the most delicious and intense margarita I’ve had in a long time. I’m a huge fan! And now I’m craving more margs tonight…which leads me to my next favorite thing!

3) Celebrating my Denver friends

Tonight, I’m excited to celebrate the birthday of my good friend Rachel. She has been an integral part of my Denver life since I moved here nearly 5 years ago, and I’m pumped to go out and get rowdy in honor of her. Plus – this means I get to visit Punch Bowl Social, a fun bowling alley/restaurant/bar that for some unfathomable reason, I’ve never been to in all the years it’s been open. So I’m excited to check that one off my list!


4) Mother’s Day and a crepe party

Sadly, I don’t get to celebrate Mother’s Day with my own mother this year due to pesky geographical differences, but I am excited to spend the holiday with Garrett’s mom! (Don’t worry, I sent my mom in Nashville a card and a gift.) I am preparing brunch at our house for Garrett’s family, and I got really psyched when the Smitten Kitchen, my all-time favorite food blog, posted this crepe party idea earlier this week to provide the inspiration for my menu. I’m really looking forward to it!

5) Walgreens’ candles


We burn candles in our house most evenings, so we pound through the rather expensive items at a rapid pace. On a recent trip to Walgreens, I was pumped to find these candles for only $10! I bought the vanilla cedarwood scent, and it’s earthy and woodsy with a hint of sweet that is just lovely. The wick is the kind that makes noise like a crackling fireplace, too, which makes the whole experience even better. As a plus, the candle has lasted over two weeks with daily burning, and still has a ways to go. I’ll definitely be purchasing another one when this one finally burns out!

6) The chickens

Obviously, these little avian dinosaurs had to be part of my list. This week the weather has been glorious, so in the mornings I’ve been moving the chickens from the indoor brooder to the outdoor coop. I know it’s probably lame, but there’s something about the early mornings, with a cup of coffee in my hand, the dog laying in the sunshine and the not-so-little-anymore chickies running around happily in the coop that really brings me joy. If I’m not heading off to work each morning like a responsible contributing member of society, at least I can make all the little beating hearts in my life happy. And they make me happy too. 🙂


What’s making you happy this beautiful Friday morning?