After years of neglect, I’ve decided to resume blogging.


I miss what this blog was for me: a creative outlet. While I’m always able to busy myself with to-do lists, occupy my time with adventures, and express my creativity with cooking, nothing fills my artistic needs quite like writing. I’ve felt a void where blogging used to be, so despite how time consuming the writing and editing and sifting through photos and promoting on social may be, I’m committed to getting this little endeavor started again.

Since I left off more than two years ago, not a lot has changed. Sure, there have been new jobs, new layoffs, new living quarters, new roommates, new stressors – but fundamentally my drive has remained the same. I’ve always been an outdoorsy, adventurous extravert with a passion for good conversation, tasty food and athletic challenge. When I last blogged, I was hiking mountains, drinking craft beer and biking around Denver. Today, I’m skiing with girlfriends, hosting dinner parties and mothering eight baby chickens.


But what I hope to accomplish here, with my little corner of the internet, has changed.

Before, this blog was essentially an ill-tended online diary with trappings of food, fitness and lifestyle, but none of these were fully realized enough to give any shape to the project. Today, with an extra few years of digital marketing experience under my belt, I feel much more equipped to create a cohesive framework around which to build my future posts.

So, just what exactly do I hope this will be? My plan is to funnel my nearly five years of Denver living into what I’m calling a “Denver Resource Blog.” During my time here, I’ve cultivated a solid understanding of what this booming, bursting city has to offer, and I’ve only fallen more deeply in love with each new experience. From the best coffee shops around town for laptop work, to the best trails for beginner mountain biking, to the non-negotiable features of the best ski jackets for women, I feel like it’s time to put all of my hard-earned knowledge to work. Now, when a friend comes to me asking for a restaurant recommendation for a work dinner, not only can I help her out with a few good suggestions – I hope to help anyone in Denver out.

I look forward to diving back into this blog with a renewed vigor and energy forged by its reshaped purpose. It’s so exciting to think about all the different topics I get to write about under this new overarching theme, and I’m eager to get going.

Look forward to my first real post (hint: it involves my newest obsession!) coming soon. I hope you’ll stick around long enough to see where all this goes. 🙂