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Well hello friends! Long time no chat.

Solid crew for the Westword Music Showcase.

Solid crew for the Westword Music Showcase

First of all, hats off to this little bloggy of mine. Today is officially my two year blog anniversary! This online diary that should be updated regularly and really should be a travel guide to Denver but is content to be an angsty afterthought has been so good to me. Two years ago I was leaving Nashville, headed West on a grand adventure that would change my life forever, and looking to document the transition. Today, I’m so firmly rooted in this city that has embraced me and enchanted me that I don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to leave and find something new. Every single day I’m here, I grow deeper and deeper in love with my life, my friends, my city, and my ongoing adventure. This life was exactly what I was seeking when I picked up and left Nashville, and I’m so grateful I had the guts to do it! I’m also grateful to have this blog as a record of that massive life change.

Anyway, I’m glad I still have this space and renewed my domain for another year. Hah!

When we last left off, I had just started my new job and was excited by it all. Now, over two months into it, I’m glad to say I feel like I’m settling in and becoming an asset to my boss, a friend to my cube neighbors, and a resource to my clients. My new agency is a whole different ballgame compared to my old one in SO many ways, but the change is refreshing and educational. I’m really happy with my boss and senior leadership, and I don’t think I’ve ever been busier, both at work and in my personal life.

Mid-week mountain biking crash at Bear Creek Lake

Mid-week mountain biking crash at Bear Creek Lake Park

The summer has been an insanely good time thus far, and I’m enjoying how varied and packed my days have been. My general schedule involves long-ish days at the office with little to no breaks in between meetings, calls, huddles, excel spreadsheets, word docs, lots of printouts, endless to-do lists and coffee; followed by packed evenings filled with errands, dinners, drinks, bike rides, trail runs, volleyball and volunteering; and punctuated by weekends away hiking, fishing, camping, dancing, drinking, partying, driving, and LIVING.

My good high school buddy and his band Moon Taxi

My good high school buddy and his band Moon Taxi

It’s been nonstop and even though I’m wearing myself out a little, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more content with my life and more comfortable in my own skin. It’s a great place to be with no end in sight!

That’s it for now, hope your summer is going well! Hopefully it’s not snowing before I come back!!!


Hiking down Medicine Bow Peak